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Advanced Shipping. is a  “next generation” transportation and trade management company that brings a unique approach to the marketplace. This approach stems from our values and principles that focus on “open book” relationships with our clients and providing them the best solution for their challenges. This relationship is based upon a straight forward commitment to improve our clients’ bottom-lines. We tailor solutions that efficiently, effectively and compliantly meet your needs and those of your customers.

We proud to offer a wide array of transportation solutions to meet all of your freight shipping needs to/ from  Australia, China, Central America, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Latin America, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pacific Rim, Spain, Singapore, South America, South Pacific, Vietnam, and more via our well-connected global cargo network.

With our network of affiliated companies, we have a broad network of trusted, regional trucking agents and efficient distribution lines. Because of our quality relationships, in addition to our high volumes of freight output, we have the flexibility to provide competitive customer overland discounts as well as superior shipping conditions.