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Varenyam  Air  Services...

Varenyam logistics is a firm specialized in international air freight provides competitive cost and quick service as we understand the matter of urgent supplies of goods required on time to the buyers and are efficient with the documentation customs. Operations without any failure, We have the principle of preferring the most appropriate airline for the dispatching the cargo for our customers among different options available. By depending upon the Team strength of ample resources, VARENYAM Team can meet any air freight needs of customers. The headquarter of VARENYAM Team is based in Karachi and the company has established branches in  KARACHI, LAHORE, ISLAMABAD, UTTHAL, QUETTA, GWADAR, HYDERABAD, MIRPUR KHAS, FAISALABAD.


The main cooperative airlines companies of VARENYAM Team Includes.

▪          Pakistan International Airlines

▪          Shaheen Air

▪          Air Blue

▪          Emirates Airlines

▪          Thai Airways Internation

▪          Cathy Pacific

▪          DHL

▪          Delta Airlines

▪          Ettihad Airways

▪          Saudi Arabian Airlines

▪          Turkish Airlines

▪           Air Indus Airlines


The main Charter Airlines companies of Varenyam Team Includes.

▪          Askari Aviation.

▪          AST Pakistan Airways.

▪          Pakistan Aviator & Aviation.

▪          Rayyan Airways.

▪          Royal Airlines.

▪          Princely Jets.

▪          Vision Air International.

▪          Star Air Aviation.


Booking of Air Freight for Import and Export shipment.

▪ Pallet & container loading

▪ Dress hanger container operations

▪ DDU/DDP service

▪ Local cargo receiving & distribution

▪ Sea-air combined transport

▪ Warehouse & cargo van

▪ Overseas agency collection of trade charges


Booking of air freight for import and export shipment.

No matter for air freight import or export business the team of VARENYAM can book the space you need in the related airline to guarantee that your cargoes can be transported out punctually.

Pallet & container loading

VARENYAM Team can provide the pallets and load the cargo in the containers for you based on your needs. The cargo in any size can be well packed and safely transported.

Dress Hanger Container Operations

Air transportation is the best choice for you when you need the fast and convenient cargo delivery. VARENYAM Team will provide the most efficient logistics management solution plan to you according to your requirements.

We will also arrange GOHs for you according to the materials and sizes of clothing to reduce your delivery cost.

We will comport safety inspection physically such as taking photographs for every steps from loading unloading till the pick-up and delivery with the real time real-time monitoring on the cargo’s status after warehousing to ensure the safety of the cargos.

Local cargo Receiving & Distribution

VARENYAM Team can provide the 24-hour efficient loan cargo receiving & distribution service to you.

Sea-Air Combined Transport

VARENYAM Team can provide the sea-air combined transport service to you. Although the sea-air combined transport will cost a longer time than the non-stop air freight, it can save transportation expenses for you.

DDU/DDP Service

VARENYAM Team can provide DDU/DDP service across the world with providing exact information of HS Codes

Overseas agency collection of trade charges

VARENYAM Team can provide the agency collection of trade charges service around the globe.

The dominate flight courses of our company include the courses to America & Canada, Europe, South America and Middle East & India & Pakistan.