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Your company invests thousands of dollars to exhibit at an international trade fair. Exhibition shipping and on-site logistics comprise approximately 10-15% of your trade fair budget. Proper planning and attentive handling of your shipment can make 100% difference in your success at the fair. Our mission is to ensure your success

Fair, Trade Show & Expo Accreditations

Our staff has been appointed as "Official U.S. Forwarder" by major international trade fair organizers for over 70 international trade fairs. We have serviced thousands of international exhibition shipments, from door to stand and back throughout 6 continents, providing a multitude of trade show and expo setup and shipping services. Clients include international trade fair organizers, governmental and professional trade associations, exhibit builders and individual companies who yearly exhibit at one or two international fairs.

  • Pre-show planning and assistance with necessary documentation. i.e., ATA Carnet, Temporary Import Bond, Permanent Clearance etc., packing/labeling, deadlines, rates, insurance
  • Direct pickup of your exhibition shipment from any location in the world
  • Shipping services to and from the fair via air, ocean or truck. Consolidations at major gateways in the USA
  • Easy online or emailed invoices and shipping documents
  • Foreign and US customs clearance. Proper documentation and scheduling is vital to smooth clearances, Varenyam Logistics Logistics guides you through this and our customs agents work daily with customs
  • Arrange direct delivery of your shipment to your stand. Our on-site partners are accountable for timely delivery to your stand. Contacts with cell phones 24/7
  • Storage of your empty crates/packaging during the fair. Our on-site partners pickup your empties and hold them in their own storage during the show
  • Storage and daily delivery of excess brochures and giveaways during the Fair to your stand.
  • Prompt delivery of your packing materials back to your stand at the close of the fair
  • Return transportation to your facility, another trade fair, or destination of your choice, including customs clearance
  • VAT (Value Added Tax recovery service)
  • Translation services
  • Assistance with equipment rental requirements on site

Fairs and Exhibition services include shipping documents. Please contact our office for shipping forms, labels and instructions for your trade show event. Important Wood Tretment Markings instructions should be followed for all international shows.